7 Jun


Jess here, preparing for my study abroad trip to Spain in the fall! I am so excited and nervous, and frazzled all at the same time. I have started filling out forms, applied for financial aid, and ordered my passport, but there is still so much more to do! I can’t even comprehend the absolute mountain of to do lists I have already made, including planning lists, paperwork lists, life lists (I am going to be a part of two weddings this summer and I have to start packing my apartment up and taking it home!), and even weekly lists, because I’m so afraid I’ll forget something! Moral of the story: this summer is going to be hectic and wonderful.

I really want to keep this updated, especially once I go to Spain. This will be a sure fire way of communicating, since (even if I get one) international phone minutes are expensive! (Although Skype is going to be a lifesaver, I just know it). My fear is that I’ll get so caught up in everything that Spain is and won’t want to or remember to post. Don’t let me do that!

Next steps include obtaining my visa, filling out YET MORE forms, and booking a flight!

Countdown:: 84 days! AHH!


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