Mission Accomplished

2 Aug

I think in getting ready for this trip, I thought acquiring the visa was going to be the most stressful part (granted, I haven’t started packing yet, so there is still time for that to change…).

Chicago trip number one with the beautiful Beseda was fantastic, and although somewhat stressful due to the fact that we had to be at the Consulate at a specific time, we had a blast. After we dropped the paperwork off and headed back to real life, I waited (not very patiently) and checked my e-mail at least three times a day.

And then, it came! An email from the Consulate saying that I can pick up my visa any day! As long as its Monday-Friday! And also from 1-2 pm! … How convenient…

I couldn’t decide which weekend to go, because I still have to pack up my apartment and move more things home, so I called up my mom on Thursday and said, ‘Hey… wanna go to Chicago this weekend? Yes, like two days from now.’

And so we did! We planned our trip super fast, and we had the best time!

Saturday morning, Madre came and we drove into Naperville, which is about 40 minutes outside Chicago. Side note: if you ever take a trip to Chicago, plan on bringing so manquarters. I’m pretty sure as a vehicle we singlehandedly funded the entire tollroad. I counted out 80 cents so many times I can’t even remember. And we paid 3.50 to take the skyway for about two miles. Rude, Illinois. Just rude.

Anyway, Saturday night we went into Naperville. We took tons of cutesy pictures, ate at a grill and had daiquiris, and got some yummy chocolates!

Sunday, we headed into the city! We played in Millennium Park, walked the magnificent mile, found Soupbox (my favorite!) and almost took a carriage ride, but we were way too tired.

By the time we got back we crashed on the bed (around 5:00), and when we decided to get Wendy’s for dinner, I insisted that my legs were broken and we had to drive. I forgot that the Wendy’s was probably 100 feet from our hotel. Sigh. Felt silly. Probably could have made it that far…

Monday, we headed back to Chicago and picked up my visa. There was absolutely no parking, so we had an adventure trying to find a garage that didn’t charge literally 30 dollars to park for a half hour. Madness! But… I got my visa! (And more importantly my passport is back in my possession! I had separation anxiety.)

We had a long drive home after such a fabulous trip of picture taking and hanging out, and now I’m one step closer to being ready to go!

Next on the list:: packing. If anyone has tips on how to pack light for a 3 1/2 month stay… PLEASE let me know!

28 days…. AH


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