Airports. >.<

30 Aug

So I officially really am not a fan of airports. I don’t like how awkward they are. I don’t like that they’re surrounded by goodbyes. However, there is a cute bird that I’ve made friends with.

I’ve named him Miles.

Side note: someone, or maybe the airport (but I doubt it) is playing ‘How Great is Our God.’ Love that background music.

Mostly I just want to be on the plane. All the packing is done, I even slept a little last night. So… just have to make it through two hours to NYC and then 7-8 ish hours to Madrid.

I don’t like flying by myself. Just decided. Haven’t even done it yet. Sigh.

Well, last post before I head into Spain. (Unless I get bored at JFK.)

Adios amigos.


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