Hola from Espana!

2 Sep

So, I made it! I’m in España! Took long enough. I know, long flight was to be expected, but seriously! We were taxi-ing to the runway for ever. About an hour and a half after we were scheduled to depart, the pilot told us that we would be getting ready for take-off, to which my spanish speaking seat buddy replied, ‘yippee!!! Finally we are getting somewhere!’

The flight was long, but here are some interesting things I think are important::
1. I hummed ‘off to Massachusetts’ as we flew over Massachusetts.
2. There was a tracker for our flight in the back of the seat, so I watched where we flew! I fell asleep for a bit while over the atlantic ocean. Also in the cool computer in the back of the seat:: insaniquarium. Win.
3. I saw the prettiest sunset over the east coast followed 7 hours later by the prettiest sunrise while landing in spain.
4. Saw the big dipper, for real. And then when i woke up it had rotated. That was cool.
5. Thanks to the tracker I know that we flew over 6000 miles.

Those are the main cool things. Now, I am in the most beautiful hotel in Madrid. Later, we’re going on a panoramic bus tour.

Also I would like to mention that it is almost one o clock here. I still have a whole day ahead of me. It is 7 am back home. My body craves sleep. ZZZzzz.


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