Cádiz y la playa!

14 Sep

Last Saturday a huge group of us went with DiscoverSevilla to Cádiz! We met up in the morning and hopped on the bus for an hour and a half long ride to the beach. On the way, the DiscoverSevilla guys played some fun music, and then we watched Get Him to the Greek. That movie was weird.

Anywho, we finally arrived at the beach, and it was so cloudy and cold and yucky, I didn’t want to take off my jacket. We sat for a while and just watched the people walking by and some of our group started soccer games and volleyball. (If you don’t know this about me, sporty things are not my strong suit… so I mostly watched :))


Once the sun came out (yay!) we headed into the Atlantic 🙂 I usually am very opposed to beach going. Sand isn’t my favorite. I could get stung by a jellyfish. But let me tell you- this is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. The water is so clear. Its the perfect temperature, somehow perfectly situated between warm and cold. We swam for a long time.

After that, we decided to sit down and eat our bocadillos (our sandwiches brought from home!) and then rest for a bit. We got kind of bored sitting around so we walked almost the entire length of the beach.

Weird things about European beaches:
People are topless. No one cares.
Children go topless or naked. No one cares.
It wasn’t a big deal at all in Cádiz, but it still happened. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that.

After walking back, we took naps on the beach. Another rarity for me, since not only do I not like naps, but I hate just sitting in the sun. I don’t like that much heat on me. But I napped SO long. I woke up laying face up in the sun and panicked that I would burn (irony) so I flipped over and fell asleep. For a long, long time. Long enough to gain a pretty severe sunburn. So severe that on Sunday, I could barely walk because the back of my knees wouldn’t bend. So severe that I still today, almost five days later, am having troubles carrying my backpack because it hits right at the bottom of my back. Punk sun. But it was so worth it.

I fell asleep again on the way back home (I feel like I sleep ALL THE TIME here). My host mom yelled at me a little for not using sunscreen (I applied it twice). I shall leave you with pictures of me on a beach in Southern Spain, and a small object that I found lodged in the bottom of my shoe that I like to pretend (whether it is or is not) is a babyshark tooth. Love, Jess.  


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