27 Sep

Sunday was supposed to be horseback riding Sunday. We were supposed to head out to a national park and the beach and ride horses to our hearts content and play on the beach afterwords until it was time to come home. Sadly, that was not what happened. The trip got cancelled because not enough people signed up. Needless to say, I was a little more than disappointed. However….

….luckily I have brilliant friends who decided to take a trip to Aracena that Sunday instead. It took an hour and a half by bus to get there, but it was worth it for sure! After a relaxing ride of watching Horton Hears a Who with mi hermano, Dan, we headed into the small bus station to grab some coffee and CHURROS CON CHOCOLATE!!!! Let me just say, this has to be the best breakfast food ever invented. I’m in love. I would like some every morning, please and thank you.

After our brunch, we worked our way towards a tourist office, where we could buy tickets to go see the super sweet caves… but more on that later.

Things I loved about Aracena::

1. Castle on a hill. I didn't end up hiking up there, but wow it was beautiful.

2. Even though we didn't go horseback riding, there were horses! (BTW for Dayton friends, this totally reminded me of THE GUY who rides his horse with his dogs, but this guy had 4 dogs. Win.)

3. The town itself was so stinkin cute.

4. My friend Taryn and I decided we would move here and just buy horses. Problem solved.

We decided that we had plenty of time to take a 3 hour hike into the mountains and back, so hike we did. We worked our way through some rocks and dirt, and eventually made it to a beautiful little stream where we took a break to eat our bocadillos, or sandwiches!


The beautiful Taryn and I 🙂


Lunch by the stream!

After all of that hiking, we went back into town. Most of the people in our group went up to the castle, but I had decided that I was done hiking for the day. (Nice thought, but I still walked a ton through the cuevas!) Instead, a few friends and I went for café!! (Yum. My favorite!) Check out this beautiful cup of coffee::

And only 1 Euro!!

After a slight coffee break, we regrouped and bought tickets for the caves! This part was actually mildly stressful. The group who came back from the castle asked if I would buy their tickets so we could all go at the same time. I said yes and had a bunch of money thrown at me. Alas, I only got 5 tickets when I was supposed to buy 6. Clearly, I do not work well under pressure.

My golden ticket! That was actually white!

We went to the caves, which were absolutely beautiful. Alas, no photos allowed again (seriously Spain, we’re gonna fight if you keep this up…) So here are some I stole from the interwebs!

After the caves, we LITERALLY ran to the bus because got done with the tour almost right as the buses were scheduled to leave. We hopped on the bus, and there was hardly any room, but we all fit. Some of the people who had to go to the caves a little bit later didn’t make the bus, but got one right after ours left.

This trip left me feeling accomplished. Its the first trip we took by bus on our own, without meeting up with ISA or DiscoverSevilla. Also, I had chocolate con churros- goal met! Yay for all the things!

On a slightly more serious note:: There is one thing I just can’t handle anymore. Sugary goodness doesn’t exist here. I’m almost positive. Roomie and I crave sugar after every meal, and while I love fruit, it is not dessert. If anyone feels the need to send obnoxious amounts of candy and/or cookies and/or sweets of any kind really, my roommate Savannah and I would really appreciate it. Savannah’s parents sent her ‘Halloween candy’ since we’ll be in Morocco for Halloween. Let me tell you, I think there was more sugar in that mini packet of skittles I ate than in the entire country of Spain. If anyone needs the address to send letters (I LOVE THOSE) or packages (HOPEFULLY WITH SUGAR!), just facebook me or send an email at!
UPDATE:: Posted my address on facebook too. No excuses. 😛

We are off to Portugal this weekend, so expect a nice lengthy post after that for sure!

Love from Spain!!!
Jess 😀


4 Responses to “Aracena”

  1. amandallen September 27, 2011 at 5:31 pm #

    So sad you didn’t get to go horseback riding on the beach! But guess what?! That just means that we are going to have to go fulfill our lifelong dream together before we die okay? Yes please. 😀

    • Jess September 27, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

      That is all I want 🙂 Miss you sweet one.

  2. Meg September 28, 2011 at 8:32 am #

    Candy corn in the mail! :* Customs is a pain…that’s how much I love you 😉

    • Jess September 28, 2011 at 1:19 pm #

      Stop. It. You are the greatest.

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