29 Sep

So apparently it is normal to walk straight into a procession in progress without knowing it.

How do I know, you ask?

Because I walked straight into one.

A friend of a friend who also happens to be studying in Sevilla, Michael (who is now my friend! yay! and who also has a blog, here!), and I were hanging out and walking the streets of Santa Cruz.

Normal. Until, all of a sudden we heard noises and saw people dressed in robes holding candles on long sticks and all sorts of weird things. I was so confused, but we stayed to watch. Turns out it was a procession, with a float that looked like it belonged in the Semana Santa. Seriously- this was awesome. We watched the whole procession with a band and the float and tons of people following it, and then just kind of stood in awe, and wondered how we happened to walk into it. If we had turned around before, we would have noticed this posted on the wall:

Got it. Procession. On the exact day and time we’re standing in this spot. Of course.

And now, a short video clip. You can’t really see much, but listen to the music! It is amazing!

Side note: We are off on an excursion to Portugal this weekend, so I won’t be updating or be online at all, but expect a blog post or two when I return!!

Love, Jess.


One Response to “Procession!”

  1. Meg September 30, 2011 at 8:43 am #

    What a funny adventure!

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