Nuestro Piso

9 Oct

Hey there! I finally did it! I took pictures of my home in Spain! We live on the second floor of an apartment building, above a supermarket and a café. It’s super close to the Plaza de España, and super close to the Universidad de Sevilla- a perfect location! Now, on to the pictures!

This is the entryway, the kitchen is off to the right, and the front door is off to the back and to the right. The living room is to the left, and the doorway in the center goes to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The living room! This space is beautiful- we have an Xbox and a huge flatscreen tv, there's a fancy table in here, and a pretty lounge area. Also, the collection of old books and dvds is astonishing.

A little blurry, but this is the table in the living room!

Entertainment area, with the beautiful wall of books!

Our little patio off of the living room.

This is our room! (Can you guess which side is mine? ...the messy one.

Our view out into the hallway.

This is our armoire, my scarves and such, and our fan. His name is guapo.

Our kitchen! This might be my favorite place, because it is where we get the BEST food!

This is our little garden patio off of the kitchen! It is super cute!

And finally... the view looking up from our patio. I love it!

I absolutely love my host family, and where we live. It is beautiful! Our host mom is so sweet and she yells at me to wear sunscreen when I go to the beach (because I burnt so badly the first time…). Abuela (grandma) is so cute, but sometimes it is hard to understand her! We also have 3 brothers, but one lives in NYC, one lives in Madrid (I think?) and Oscar lives with us! Right now his girlfriend Nina is here with us too, and she is SO nice! She speaks Spanish really well! She is German, but she can speak Spanish and English. I’m impressed.

So moral of the story: I absolutely adore Sevilla. I love where I live, I love coming home for food, I love when our mom tells us to take siestas (every day) and asks if we want fruit or yogur (every day).

PS. There aren’t many big exciting things coming up in the next week-ish, so if you have something that you’d like me to post about/take pictures of, leave me a message in the comments!

Thanks for reading!!



4 Responses to “Nuestro Piso”

  1. Meg October 10, 2011 at 8:15 am #

    I vote you take pictures of all the food you eat for a few days! That’s probably one of my favorite things to hear about!

    • Jess October 10, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

      I have successfully photographed breakfast (which is essentially the same every day) and a few things when traveling, but thus far I’ve felt awkward asking to take pictures of foods, but for you sweet Meg I’ll make it a mission! 😀 LOVE YOU.

  2. Emily H. October 10, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    Alright, as silly as this will seem a few weeks into your trip, be a complete nut for a day and do as follows: Take a picture of your walk/ride to school including, but not limited to: street corners that by now seem normal, street signs, ticket machines, landmarks, bakeries, etc. EVERYTHING.

    As a teacher (wait, when did THAT happen?!?), I wish I had more of these “everyday life” photos I could show my students, and I often remember my walks through Madrid thinking, “Wow, I could never forget this!”, but you do…

    When you take a photo-documentary of your life, you’ll be able to immediately put yourself back in the everyday sights that you will start to take for granted soon, but will miss soooo much when you get home!

    • Jess October 11, 2011 at 5:49 am #

      I love this- I´ll have to pick a day to do this!!

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