The day-to-day

16 Oct

So, I started on Emily’s challenge of capturing the day-to-day things that I might someday forget. I did this on the way to school one day, and then again through Triana, one of the barrios across the river. I didn’t get up to the Cathedral yet, so I think there will be another post soon with more day-to-day things, but for now, here are some things from my house to school!

The frutería on my way to school

Sevici- always empty when we need one. >.<

The Plaza de España on the way to class in the morning.

The beautiful bike lanes that are smooth and green and wonderful.

The building in the background is where I go to school. What up. Also, this day was the first day I ever noticed we had that Sevilla sign. Who knew?

This is the bar in our school. Literally in. Literally a bar. Beer on tap. And coffee. That's my favorite part.

Statue in our school. With a bird. Typical.

Across the street from U of Sevilla, tons of stores and restaurants. It's beautiful. And seriously, check out that sky. I never get tired of noticing how blue it is every day.

One of the many lampposts covered in signs- rooms for rent, intercambios, anything you could ever think of. I love these signs, they're fun to read.

A stop for the train. The train is cool, but I've never ridden on it. The most interaction I get is trying not to get run over by it on bici.

I have started documenting ALL the horses. There are most likely enough pictures to make a whole post about them. They're everywhere!

The McDonalds- with a 'McExpress,' where you can order beer and other snackies after the restaurant itself has closed. Legit.

The Torre de Oro. I love it, it is so pretty! Also, there is always much botelloning happening here.

A super cute patio- I love the colors. A lot of the houses have gates that look into patios or plazas, and they leave the doors open, practically inviting pictures to be taken. So I do.

This is how close cars park. All of them. I have seen people pushing cars out of the way to get theirs out of their parking spot. Normal. We play a game called, 'try to find a car without a dent in it or a scratch on it.' Thought we found one the other day, til we saw the drivers side door. Bah.

Baby flamenco shoes! Flamenco shoes and dresses are all over the city. I could stare at them for EVER.

Trash can. They're all domes like this, and usually decorated. This one had a fish- I love it!

This has been a basic run-down of things I see every day! There will likely be a second installment sometime soon!

Also to note: I register for classes at WSU tomorrow. That boggles my mind. My program is half over. I can’t handle that either. Sigh, all the things.

Also also: I have a problem. It is called crafting. I admit it. I need to stop buying yarn. At least I have been buying it with a purpose, but seriously!

K that is all for real this time. Til next time!! 🙂


2 Responses to “The day-to-day”

  1. Meg October 16, 2011 at 10:24 pm #

    like like! I also love our skype dates. They are lovely!!!

    • Jess October 17, 2011 at 5:23 am #

      I totally agree. You are great, sweet friend! 🙂

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