Preparation for Morocco

25 Oct

I am starting to pack, and panic about packing, for Morocco. We leave at 4am in the morning… tonight? tomorrow? You know, that time that is so early in the am that it shouldn’t be considered tomorrow because it should be when I’m sleeping but somehow still technically is? Oy. 

Things I have done to prepare: patched music note blanket’s hole. Now she can come into the desert with me. Bought snacks. I can eat on the bus!

And that’s basically it. I have clothes laid out on my bed but they don’t mean anything. I’m trying to figure out what is clean and what is not and what I need for the desert vs the cities… Gah. Packing is my enemy, almost positive. But, at least I get to pack for a sweet trip!

Side note: Things we have decided we need to find… we being Savannah and I::

A fez from Fes. (Yes, because of Doctor Who.)

Aladdin's magic carpet. Or any magic carpet really, we aren't too picky.

Camels. According to one of our lit professors, we can trade Savannah in for a couple of camels and a goat, though I would much rather prefer a monkey in a fez. With cymbols.

We will see how the shopping goes…

Ah. Back to packing. I’ll post something in about a week!! 🙂 Wish me luck in the desert! (IN TENTS GUYS. I, Jessica, will be sleeping in TENTS!)

Til then!


2 Responses to “Preparation for Morocco”

  1. Megan Madill October 25, 2011 at 2:01 pm #

    Could not resist the Doctor-in-a-fez pic on the Travel tagsurfer. Cute post!

    I am so with you on the packing thing. I’m always running around the place (it happens when you’re a language student in a long-distance relationship), and I’ve come to truly, truly hate the packing process. I loved backpacking around Costa Rica, but here’s a tip: don’t try it when you’re also about to spend six months working there, and consequently have six months’ worth of stuff in your suitcase.

    Packing sucks. But once it’s done, you’re going to Morocco! At least you can send the bulk of your cargo back on the magic carpet 😉

    • Jess October 25, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

      I was sincerely hoping the Doctor would catch some attention- fezzes are cool, and as such, I hope to return from Morocco sporting one!!
      Running around the place packing is my life- being both in a long distance relationship AND studying abroad as a language student!! I feel like I have lived out of my suitcase for the past year or so now. It was most stressful trying to pack for Spain with clothes for only a couple weeks- and even crazier to try to pack from that for a week-long trip and still have clothes when I return, but I wouldn’t trade the traveling for anything.
      P.S. The magic carpet is essential to bringing everything back! (Or if not, hopefully my roommate has extra room in her magic suitcase…)
      Thanks for the comment!

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