Back from Morocco!

31 Oct

I am back from Morocco, and it is so late. We ate dinner when we got back, around midnight. Oof. So for now, to satisfy some curiosity, I decided to post a video I took of Savannah giving a tour around our camp in the Sahara.

Please note that this just happened, nothing was planned. I basically said, Savannah, give a tour. I’m going to videotape you. She said okay and I pressed record. I think that fact makes it 100 times funnier. Maybe I’m just sleep deprived. I can’t wait to write all about Morocco- it was beyond amazing.

I promise to write soon!



2 Responses to “Back from Morocco!”


  1. Morocco, Part 3 « ¡Aventuras en España! - November 11, 2011

    […] who gave us a brief description of where things were in the camp (We made our own more detailed video tour later). We ran into camp, picked a place to sleep, and almost immediately after we found ourselves […]

  2. Morocco, Part 4 « ¡Aventuras en España! - November 14, 2011

    […] I finished breakfast a little bit early, so we went outside and made our video, shown in my post Back From Morocco! Its brilliant, and hilarious. Savannah is our tour guide through the ISA Sahara Desert camp! Tour […]

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