Morocco, Part 1

3 Nov

Okay, let me first say that I apologize in the delay of this post. When I got back from Morocco, all I wanted to do was post about the amazing time I had, but I was a) sick, b) had midterms to study and prepare for, and c) my computer took a little bath in the downpour I got caught in and I was slightly afraid it wouldn’t make it. Turns out Savannah was right- it was just napping, it functions!

So, on to Morocco!! I guess I can actually start with the night before Morocco. It was about midnight, and I hadn’t fully packed. I didn’t want to. I hate packing. I wrote a blog post instead. I played online for practically forever, and talked to some people on Skype. Savannah decided to nap. I decided napping for 2 hours was silly. So I stayed up. (Big mistake.) 3am rolls around, and I scramble to eat breakfast (yes, we still needed cereal at that time) and finish packing. We grabbed sandwiches that our madre had made us and bici’d to the meeting point. 4am. 4am meeting. In case you didn’t know, that is REALLY early. Like seriously early. Especially for about 100 people to be meeting to start a really really long journey. There were two busses, and we got on close to last, so we didn’t have much of a choice on seating.

The bus situation on that first ride was by no means ideal, there were five of us crammed into the back seat of the bus. It sits 5 people yes, but not comfortably and definitely not comfortably enough to sleep. We met a friend named Andrew, the only person who came from ISA Santander, and we were obnoxiously loud as we talked for a while to entertain ourselves. I slept for small intervals, but kept getting woken up by my leg falling asleep. Boo. We made it to our first stop- a bathroom break and café. Everyone basically sleepwalked off the bus into the place, and then continued sleeping on the tables. Funny sight, to say the least.

On the ferry!

We made it to the ferry finally, and it took a little while to get through customs and for all of the people, cars, rv’s, and our busses to board.  We waited in line to get our passports stamped (I got stamps on my passport! It’s what I’ve always wanted!), and then we played up on top of the ferry. We set off for the shores of Morocco as the sun was beginning to rise, and my goodness was it a perfect beginning to the day. After a little while up on top of the ship I got cold and headed back inside. I found a cozy seat and took a nap until I woke up to people scrambling for the door. I found friends, and we got ready to step foot in MARRUECOS!

So we got off the ferry, and headed straight back to the busses, where we again sat in the back seat and attempted to sleep. I’m not altogether too angry about the not sleep… I got to talk to people, watch part of a movie, and watch the beautiful countryside roll past the window. There were tons of animals to look at- a definite plus. Point is, although I was uncomfortable and seriously sleep deprived, I loved the journey. Our first stop in Morocco was at a sort of rest stop place. We ate the sandwiches we had brought from home and watched the flies buzz. We also had our first strange bathroom encounter. There was a lady there who was selling toilet paper. That’s normal. At least she wasn’t charging us to use the bathroom. That’s a whole other story.

More and more hours on the bus. I think in total we spent almost 14 hours in travel the first day, considering we left around 4:30am and arrived in Fes at about 4:30pm, and Morocco is two hours behind Spain time.

Our room in Fes, Marruecos!

We got to the hotel, and made it to our room. This room was absolutely gorgeous. It was really spacious, with tons of light, and a balcony! We had a cool view of the city, and we had a great time relaxing in the cool breeze after a long day’s trek to get to Fes. We then decided that we should go explore!

Yes, that is a McDonalds. They call it the 'holy Mcdonalds' because the roof is green, and green is the holy color.

We went out and walked around, and felt mildly awkward. We were a group of almost ten girls, all wearing little to nothing compared to the women of the city. We wanted tea in a small café, but all the cafés we found were full, and not just full, but full of ONLY men. We saw maybe one woman in all of the cafés we came across. Very awkward. Mild culture shock. Finally we saw some other study abroad students and sat down to grab some mint tea before heading back to the hotel for some dinner. I must say, I’m not usually a fan of tea, I’m more of a coffee drinker myself, but Moroccan mint tea is to die for.


We waited in the hotel lobby for food to happen. Let me tell you, buffet style food is the way to go. Always. Especially in Morocco. There were potatos, carrots, meats, bread, soups, and most importantly… the most beautiful dessert selection I have ever seen. The little desserts to the right don’t even compare to the chocolate+fruit+morechocolate+pudding dessert that we also had. Seriously. I need to get that recipe.

After we ate, we basically went back up to the room and passed out. Day 1, not too exciting. Lots of travel, lots of new experiences, but not many crazy stories. Therefore… a few more pictures to leave you with!!

Music Note Blanket travels to Fes, Morocco! (Savannah and I decided I should write a travel book for MNB. This is the beginnings of said novel.)

Horton Hears a Who. French. Morocco. Everything about this sign made me happy.

One of the main streets near our hotel- note: in Fes, there are absolutely no traffic rules. I'm almost positive. Basically, you dart across the street and hope you don't die. Hope real hard.

So there you have it! A small into to Morocco. Day 2 includes the Medina of Fes, along with carpets, scarves, spices, and leather! I can’t wait to tell you all the fun stories.

Small side note: New Girl is a fabulous show. I have decided I will now be called Jess Jess and that I will sing the theme song to myself often. If I sound crazy to you and/or you haven’t watched this show, go do that right now, while you’re waiting for my second Morocco post. Its worth it.

That’s all my ranting for now. Off to upload pics!

Til next time,
Jess Jess.

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