Morocco, Part 3

11 Nov

Day three of Morocco! I want to preface this by saying this was by no means the most exciting day (I’m pretty sure that was day four, solely because of the fact that we rode camels!), but it was still an interesting day on the trip! If you want to start at the beginning of this mini Morocco series, click here!

So day 3 we wake up so early. We board the busses again, this time I think was the time I had a seat to myself- that was lovely, lots of room to stretch and lay. I don’t mind long bus trips, really. I did pretty well on the flight to Spain even. I generally can occupy myself just with my thoughts, and rarely do I get antsy or feel like I need to be doing something. But, I had left my iPod at home. By that I mean I had accidentally hidden it from myself in the depths of my backpack so I thought it was missing a little bit until I returned from Morocco, but the point is that even if I wanted to listen to music to fall asleep to or to relax, not an option. That combined with the fact that the bus was transporting us to the Sahara Desert made this probably the longest bus ride in the history of all the long bus rides. But, at least there was some beautiful countryside to look at.

The mountains!

More mountains- they were beautiful. Some even had snow on them, gorgeous.

There were animals everywhere to keep me entertained. From the moment we hit Moroccan soil there were donkeys, dogs, horses, cows, and any other type of farm-ish animal you could think of to look at. Super entertaining.

Our first rest stop was actually a stop in the mountains, and I am not sure if there were bathrooms or not, but the fact that so many people were finding their own trees leads me to believe that there weren’t (or that they were gross.) Also it was freezing. I mean, really really cold. Here we all are in jeans and tshirts, and we are up in the fog in the mountains of Morocco. Bad combination.

The second rest stop was to grab snacks and go to the bathroom. This place was obnoxious. We stopped here on the way back too. There was a lady who waited in front of the bathroom and actually charged a couple dirham when you came out. We aren’t quite sure if she worked there or if she was just taking advantage of the large group of tourists, but wow she was persistent. I didn’t bring any dirham in, and all I had was large bills, so a friend lent me the money. Yuck. I seriously dislike paying to go to the bathroom and wash my hands.

The mountain with something written in arabic, across from the place with the lady who charges to use the bathroom. Boohiss.

Back on the road, we’re driving along for another couple hours, and suddenly, out of the dust and dirt and mountains comes this beautiful blue lake. An oasis. Not a mirage, we checked. It was absolutely gorgeous, and stretching out from it on the other side were trees galore, a little city even.


This is where we were going to stop for lunch, but first we stopped at a place overlooking the oasis of trees for a photo op!

View from the look out point.

Me, the view, and a Moroccan child selling camels woven from grass- wish I would have gotten one!

The next time the busses stopped, it was for food. We got off and followed our directors through was was quite literally a jungle (we decided machetes would have been a nice thing to have since there were so many tree branches that threatened my life) to find the food! The restaurant had the most beautiful, wonderful food, including potatos- a staple, and my favorite- and baby oranges, among other things. There was a tree there with pomegranates growing on it- aaaaah gorgeous. Pomegranate trees. And, upon using the restroom, found out that it had the coolest toilet paper I’ve ever seen. Why, you might ask?

Because it was pink. Yes, I took a picture.

Also in this town, there were kids that a lot of people went to meet. They all took pictures. It was adorable. This town was really pretty, I absolutely adored our stop there.

That building I think is where we ate at? But we went around the back way, through the mess of trees and jungle. Who knew there was a street entrance? (Or maybe this is just a store. Who can know?)

Across from the restaurant we ate at.

The kiddos waving goodbye.

So we hit the busses again, for another while. We saw the sunset from the busses as we were approaching the town where the 4×4’s lived.

Sunset on the way to the Sahara- Ahhh!

We all got out of the busses in the town to pick a car to ride in to the desert. Our driver was nice, and he played some music on the radio- some crazy awesome upbeat arabic music, as we drove off into the desert, but he definitely had no problem being the second to last to arrive to camp. We did. We wanted to win. Boo.

Everyone stopped the cars about halfway through the ride to take pictures.

Friends (and Music Note!) with our car!

On our way!

At this point we got our first taste of the stars from the desert. I must say, I was astonished. You could see the Milky Way for sure, though I’m not sure how anyone could pick out any constellations from the sky because there were SO. MANY. STARS. We got back in the cars, and after another half hour or so, we made it to camp. We were greeted by Carmen, the Salamanca director (I think), who gave us a brief description of where things were in the camp (We made our own more detailed video tour later). We ran into camp, picked a place to sleep, and almost immediately after we found ourselves out on the dunes. We couldn’t see where anything was, but it wasn’t really important. Did I mention the stars?

I had the most wonderful time that first night, I had a lot of worship time on my own and just enjoyed the stars. The stars have always been a favorite thing of mine. It was only around 6pm, but it was so dark outside, the only light around coming from our camp. Seriously, once in a life time experience. We had dinner a little while later, which was so so good (although a little scary for me, I figured if I was going to get sick from the food in Morocco it would be in the desert), and I think some people returned to the food tent later for some music and fun. I was exhausted, and so I chose to sleep instead. I had the whole next day to enjoy the desert.

Can’t wait to tell you about the next day. There are camels and henna involved. AH! My favorite 🙂
Morocco, Part 4 


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