Morocco, Part 4

14 Nov

I would like to note, this is going to be a photo-heavy post. I hope you don’t mind! Also, if you want to follow my Morocco journey from the beginning, click here! This was probably my favorite day in the beautiful country of Morocco.  We got up early ish and took a look around. We were IN the Sahara, and now we could finally see it.

The Sahara Desert.

The dunes of the Sahara.

Friends in the Sahara! (Sorry these first three have that weird glow to them, I had the plastic bag on the camera at this point.

We hung out with some of the Berber guys, and they wrote our names in Arabic.

After playing around in the sand, we made our way to breakfast.

Our food tent! We had coffee (very important), fruit, bread, juice, and all sorts of other delicious things for breakfast. Breakfast was my favorite.

Savannah and I finished breakfast a little bit early, so we went outside and made our video, shown in my post Back From Morocco! Its brilliant, and hilarious. Savannah is our tour guide through the ISA Sahara Desert camp!

Tour Guide Savannah!

In the tour video, you can hear me audibly gasp when we saw the camels. That is because that was the first time we saw them. (How Sav kept her cool, I shall never know.)

Our first glimpse of the camel herd.

After skipping around camp, excited about the camels, we made our way to the herd. We took pictures, made camel friends, and picked our camels that we were going to ride across the desert.

Camel with his head on the ground. We decided they looked like long-necks. Yeah Land Before Time!

This is Savannah's camel. She called him Bub, then found out his name was Bob. Marley. So she called him Bob. He was a free spirit.

After getting acquainted with the camels, Ali, our camel guide guy, helped us up.

Friends on camels!! From left: Savannah and Bob Marley, Me and Jimi Hendrix (Jimmy for short), and Amanda with Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson. Camels are so funny. Super crazy looking creatures. I love them.

Our camel parade. This stretched on forever, there had to be 100 camels in this line.

Riding a camel is one of the strangest experiences ever, and also one of the best. Its calming, though a little rocky. They’re so stinkin huge! After a while, your legs start to go numb though- tha’ts when you start riding side saddle! Other than that, camel riding is quite the pleasant experience.

There was only one crazy camel incident, and this is towards the end of that. Notice that some of the camels are facing the wrong way. That is because one of them freaked out, almost knocking off its rider, Jimmy. We all applauded when Jimmy a) stayed on and b) continued riding. He also came out of that adventure with battle wounds. An epic story, if there ever was one.

The closest to crazy camel stories our little train got was when Sav’s camel, Bob, got free from the camel in front of him. I say got free, but I’m pretty sure the rope just untied. Savannah all of a sudden said, ‘uhm… guys… Bob’s free.’ Our reaction: ‘uh… WHAT?’ No big deal, Ali came over and retied him. Bob could have run off into the sunset (after like ten hours… the sun had just come up) with us and no one could have done a thing about it. He is a free spirit after all. But, Camel Bob was a cool camel, and therefore just stood calmly until he could be retied.

The beautiful dunes we crossed on camelback (is that a thing?) on our way to a town.

Camel shadow pics.

Us in the line of camels.

So one last important camel story: Jimmy and I had a really rocky relationship. At the beginning everything was fine. He was a great camel, we bonded. But about halfway through the trip, Jimmy was lagging behind, almost getting dragged behind Camel Bob. I said, “Jimmy, c’mon catch up, its not like I’m fat or anything…” to which Jimmy promptly answered “UGHHHFNNMMM.” (Or however you would type out an annoyed camel noise.) I was absolutely offended. My camel LITERALLY called me fat. After that, nothing was the same.

Me after our long ride with Jimmy, trying to repair our relationship. He wouldn't look at the camera. Punk camel.

After abandoning the camel herd, we walked through some lush greenery, where we spotted frogs and talked about our camel experiences on our way to a town.

Our first view of the small town.

A school in the town we went to.

We got to go hang out with the kids at the school. It was adorable, but I can imagine a little bit much for these kids.

After the school, they took us to yet another rug shop (but this time no mint tea >.<). Needless to say, we didn't stay there long.

We rode back from the town in the back of a truck. It was mildly amusing, minus the sand flying everywhere.

After we got back, we played in the dunes some more, and found these crazy scarab bugs. Totally Aladdin-esque. So desert. They look like little shield beetles. I liked them a lot. Later on, Sav played beetle pong with some berber kids while I napped. (I didn't like the bugs THAT much.)

We ate lunch, and after that some ladies came to do henna! It was so much fun, and the designs were beautiful!

After henna, I took a nap (commence beetle pong in the desert...). When I woke up, I went to find friends who were always in the dunes, but on my way got stopped by a berber lady. She dressed me up and took pictures of me. I'll admit I was sort of confused and just wanted to find Sav and Amanda, but I think this picture was worth it. These kids were adorable!

At around 6, Savannah and I went out to watch the sunset. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The moon was also out- gorgeous. Oh desert. I will miss observing the beauty of nature while laying in your sand.

Sav and I talked, played in the sand, and gathered sand in bottles to take home while we watched the sunset.

We buried our feet in the sand and just enjoyed being in the desert!

Let me preface this next photo by telling this story: Earlier in the day, Savannah had come up to me saying that she thought she had a boyfriend. I had absolutely no idea what that meant, and, of course, didn’t believe her. She said that his name was Mohammad and that he wanted to watch the sunset with her, so on our way to watch the sunset, we chose a dune that was far away from where she had met him. However, he found us. That’s right, of all the dunes in the Sahara, he found ours. He proceeded to massage Sav’s hands, cover her legs in sand, and then dragged her down the dune by her legs. Adorable. They’re totally dating.

The night ended with them frolicking through the dunes, hand in hand. True love.

We ended the night by having dinner, and then attending a huge dance party in the food tent, accompanied by lots of people singing and playing guitar. It was super fun.

This was absolutely my favorite day of the Morocco trip. Between the camels and the henna, I don’t think it could have gotten any better. Check back soon for the (most likely) last installment of my Morocco trip, and updates on the rest of my upcoming travel plans!

Morocco, Part 5


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