21 Nov

So this past weekend, we took our second to last trip with ISA. It was done a little differently than most, because we hit two cities in two days. On the schedule for day 1, Córdoba! Córdoba is a gorgeous place. We were there for all of about 6 hours, but it was so much fun.

Our first (rainy) look at the city of Córdoba- across the bridge!

As we pulled in, it had just started raining, which was very unfortunate because I had specifically packed according to my presumption that there would be no rain on this trip. So, While my friends played in the rain I hid under a tree, but it only sprinkled for the most part.

We headed across the bridge, and into the city. Everyone stopped for a quick bathroom break, and then we headed in to the courtyard- a large patio of orange trees- to begin our tour of the Mezquita.

View of the tower of the Mezquita of Córdoba from the courtyard.

Our guide was super great. He was friendly and energetic. The only problem was it was hard to hear sometimes, so I didn’t get as many of the facts. Sad. But, I did get some cool pictures!

The famous red and white arches.

More arches, I can't even begin to describe how surreal it is being in there.

One cool thing I did catch was that the musulmanes who constructed the Mezquita didn’t build all of these columns, they took them from other places, mainly destroyed Roman sites. None of the columns look exactly the same. They’re all so intricate!

This site is now actually a cathedral.

This beautiful intricate ceiling is located over the cathedral. From what I gather, they basically took out a part of the mosque that was previously there (and still surrounds the cathedral), and added in a full cathedral. Los cristianos were fans of reusing too. These groups all thought that building on top of each other’s buildings displayed their power and dominance.

The seats where the choir sits. These seats I think he said were carved from mahogany, and one side of chairs tells the story of the Virgin Mary, and the other side tells Jesus' life.

More arches! Our guide talked about how in the mosque, the light came in from all sides, but when the cristianos built the cathedral, they also covered up most of the light sources and built in higher windows for light.

Savannah and I have been playing this game (mostly I have to play) that when someone is negative about something, they have to say two positive things about it. Our tour guide didn’t play that game right. He told us four things the cristianos did to mess up the mosque and one good thing. 1) They took out all the light sources. 2) They messed with the perspective of the room…. And there are two other things I can’t remember. And the good thing? Because they built into it, the mosque is still standing. Meh.

Some beautiful mosaic work. These tiles sparkled. Gorgeous!

The architects who made the columns inscribed their names on the column, and they made prints of all of them.

But seriously. How gorgeous is this place?

Me and the arches!

Ah. I could have looked at these forever.

Postcard image! Our guide took us to this small plaza so we could all get this picture! Gorgeous.

We went on a small tour of the city. It was gorgeous.

Image of Spain and Portugal.

Me and the flowers!

Tardis blue flower pots!

We went into this gorgeous 'Capilla,' the mosaics are amazing.

Me in a beautiful plaza in Córdoba.

After our tour friends went out for coffee. There was a man playing a really cool violin! We had a great time and hung out just talking for a while. It was calm and quiet, just what I needed.

Cool violin player!

After our coffee, we ran out for postcards and souvenirs, and then headed back to the bus, to head out for Granada!

Me and the bridge!

Stay tuned for the rest of this day- the way to Granada!


2 Responses to “Córdoba”

  1. Meg November 21, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    Love love love. My favorites are the ones with you in it! Sad day about the tour guide and the cristianos, though I love your game!

    • Jess November 21, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

      I love you! There are more pics that will be up on facebook soon! Miss you!

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