29 Nov

Our final trip with ISA! I can’t believe this trip is coming to a close. 
Last Friday, we took a short bus ride to the beautiful city of Ronda.

From a viewpoint in Ronda.

I couldn’t get over the blue skies, the white clouds, the mountains, and the town. It was so perfect!

The first thing we did was head to the bull ring- the oldest in Spain.

Statue of a torero outside the bull ring.

The bull ring.

Don’t worry, those red marks are paint. Apparently, of the few rules there are, one of them requires painted lines. Sometimes they have them in white.

So after a quick explanation of how a corrida goes, we were set free into the ring, to perform re-enactments galore.


First, Dan kills Savannah.

Then, Sav gets him back!

Finally, chaos reigns as two toreros (Taryn and Dan) face off two bulls (Liz and Amanda) in the most epic Ronda Bullring showdown known to man.

We also found a lost moose.

After playing in the ring, we got a backstage tour. We started off by seeing where they let the bulls out of as they charge into the arena.

Where the toros live before the corridas.

Then, much more importantly, we saw where the ponies live.

This bull ring also houses an equestrian school. Drool. We saw some guys practicing- I was kind of mad when Manolo made us leave.

Jess and I with the pony!

Guys practicing!

And, a video!

Then, we checked out the museum under the stands of the bull ring. Pretty cool stuff. Jackets I would probably wear, too.

Matador ensembles.

Big cool bull statue outside the ring.

So then we headed to see Puente Nueva- a huge and beautiful bridge.

This bridge, to be precise!

The view on the other side of the canyon.

The gorgeous blue sky and the mountains!

After viewing the bridge and finding a huge spider, we had some free time. We decided to walk down a path to the canyon to see the water. It was beautiful. The views were incredible and the walk was refreshing. Yes, for once, I wasn’t angry about hiking. Win.

We found the water!

Which turned into a much bigger waterfall!

Walking back up the path.

Just a short video I took walking back up away from the waterfall:

Some friends and I headed back into town. Check out those views!

Eventually, it was just me and a friend Andrea. We decided to move a bit further into the city before heading home.

We saw a gorgeous cathedral,

a peaceful town,

and streets decorated for Christmas!

We ended the trip with some ice cream, met back up with the group and headed home. A pretty low-key trip, but so much fun!

I’m halfway through the last week of classes. I can’t believe it!! Soon, I’ll be off to London, then taking finals! I’ll hopefully post soon!


2 Responses to “Ronda”

  1. Meg November 30, 2011 at 9:41 am #

    Sad day for last trip. Happy day ’cause you’ll be home soon.
    I love that you included a note about a spider.

    • Jess November 30, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

      I have a picture of him too- he has a fleur de lis on his back. He was ginormous.

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