To London I Go!

5 Dec

Ever since I started watching Doctor Who, I have been obsessed with London. I mean, granted, I loved the city before that. The sights! The ambiance! The accents! What’s not to love? 

London was one of three places that I knew I had to get to while I was in Europe. I am so thankful that it actually worked out! My lovely friend Taryn and I will be leaving tomorrow to fly to London!! I keep saying that, but I don’t think it is real in my head quite yet. I’m packing. I’m preparing. To fly to London. It is going to be the most surreal experience. I am so excited I can’t even explain it!

To Do List:

1) See Chicago. (Half-check… We already bought our tickets! West End here we come!)

2) Find the Tardis. Best scavenger hunt ever.

3) Go to the free chocolate festival.

4) Take pictures with all the major monuments and feats of architecture.

5) Drink tea.

6) See the changing of the guard.

7) Listen to all the beautiful accents. Seriously. It is a minor obsession.

Seven things to do. Five days. I think that is do-able.

I shall return with tons of pictures and, I hope, tons of stories. Until then!!


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