London, Day 2

14 Dec

We decided to get up pretty early day 2 so we could make it to see the changing of the guard.  We headed down to the lounge in our un-caffeinated state to remedy the situation. We grabbed breakfast, coffee, and made sandwiches with the ham, bread and cheese that was out for breakfast. We bagged them up and stashed them away for lunch.

We got ready and headed out. We made our way to the underground station, and it took us a while to figure out what sort of pass we needed to get for the week. We ended up getting an Oyster card that had unlimited rides for the whole time that we would be in London, which turned out to be even more useful than we ever imagined. After that, we were a little behind schedule, so we made our way down the seriously huge escalator and through two different lines to one of the stops near Buckingham Palace.

The endlessly long escalator to the underground.

We walked past a beautiful arch on the way to Buckingham Palace.

Yay for signs!

A leisurely stroll through a park on the way to the Palace!

The guards walked funny. Super entertaining.

The beautiful gate and flag at the top of Buckingham Palace.

There were horse guards. Awesome 🙂

It took a while to get to the ceremony, so this is about as good of a view that we got. That's some sort of parade in the background.

More horses. London is my kind of town 🙂

We were crossing the street to leave because we couldn't see anything when the parade passed right in front of us!

We headed out, saw this bus, and vowed to ride on one before we left! Which was made much easier when we found out that our Oyster cards worked on them too!

So then we decided to get started on our list. First?

Back to the tube of course!

Taryn decided to re-enact Rent almost every time we got on the tube. 🙂

The underground took us to our first stop:


I can’t quite explain my joy at this moment. We walked out of the underground stop, and there it was. We didn’t even have to search for it. It was like some miracle. Absolutely meant to be. The happiest moment of London. Maybe.

Isn't she beautiful? Hello sexy! (Yeah. That's a reference.)

Next up was a museum stop, the first of three! The Victoria and Albert Museum!

The V&A Museum.

The gorgeous Chihuly chandelier. Drool.

Some of the gorgeous architecture.

The detail in some of these works of art was astonishing. I could have looked at them all day.

There was a whole section of just iron work.

That spiral staircase was gorgeous.

Some beautiful columns.

SEVILLA! That's my city!

This place also had a glorious theatre section. Check out that costume.

The complete works of William Shakespeare!

Some of the costumes from the Lion King.

Karen Gillan in the program from Inadmissable Evidence! Another Doctor Who reference! Love this city.

The courtyard in the V&A Museum.

Then we made our way to the Science Museum! Taryn was a plane.

We got to play with interactive games!

We also saw a white peacock.

After our short tour of the Science Museum, we headed out into the gorgeous London afternoon.

A note on the general London weather:: Although it was so pretty outside, it was extremely cold. I wore two jackets the whole time we were in the city. The amazing part was that it only rained once at night. Such a blessing to be able to run around the city without carrying umbrellas!

We stopped between the museum to snap some shots of us in the phonebooths! Inspector Spacetime style! Another reference. But this time a Community one!

We even found a cute ice rink! Though it was too cold to go skating.

We took a quick break to eat our sandwiches before we headed to the last museum of the day!

The Natural History Museum! That was the escalator you go up to start the walk through the exhibits- it was huge! And gorgeous. The decorations in this place were phenomenal.

We also saw an incredible collection of gems. Seriously. Rainbow!

After a long day of museum-browsing, we decided that we needed to take a quick break, so we found a cute little cafe::

With coffee that made me miss Spain... I must say the London coffee just wasn't up to par compared to Spain's.

More importantly was their extensive menu of crepes. Holy. Moly. Strawberries, white chocolate, and some other deliciousness made this the best snack ever.

Around that time we headed back to our hotel. Let's play a game. It's called:: guess what time I took this picture??

Answer: 4:30 pm. No joke. It got dark at 4. Oy.

We attended tea time for some fruity tea, some cake, a chocolate mousse cup, and scones. Ah. Love that.

Which shortly turned into cocktail hour, with some appetizers, coca colas, and some quiet time to read and journal.

After we had snacks, I was exhausted. I decided I really didn’t want to go out, but Taryn really wanted to go see Harrods and Hyde Park. I promised I would go out in the coming days, but I was afraid if I didn’t rest I would be dead tired for the next day. So, I stayed in the room. Which, all in all didn’t turn out so bad. I drew myself a lovely bath, grabbed a glass of wine and some chocolate, and listened to some music. It was the most relaxing thing.

Taryn came back, and we relaxed a bit more, watched some tv and went to bed!

A super tiring and super relaxing day all in one. And just the beginning to our adventure!


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