London, Day 3

18 Dec

After getting up sort of early the previous day, we decided that we wouldn’t do that again.  We got up in time for breakfast, and then headed back to the room to get ready and relax before a big day of sight-seeing. We headed out and took a leisurely stroll through Covent Garden and through the West End.

The beautiful giant tree at Covent Garden.

We hopped on the metro, enjoying the funny way to pronounce things like:

This is pronounced "Less-ter" square.

There was also a South Quay (pronounced South Key). Crazy.

Our first stop was at Kings Cross Station!

King's Cross!

To see the one and only…

Platform 9 3/4!

Getting to platform 9 3/4 was a nightmare. We went first to platforms 9 and 10. It was not there. Then someone directed us to platform 1. We went in, not there either. Finally, a worker saw us looking confused and directed us outside. Finally, we found it and broke through the small crowd to take pictures!

Close to Kings Cross is the St Pancras station, which is an absolutely gorgeous piece of architecture.

St. Pancras Station. So gorgeous.

Back to the metro we went!

So glad we ended up buying those week-long underground passes, and this is just one reason why. We took a train out to Greenwich, a super cute little town which was said to have a location where you could stand in two different hemispheres! So of course, we had to check it out.


So pretty.

Greenwich was such a picturesque place.

We went to a couple cute bookstores, and then headed out to find a park.

A typical small town.

This is a small park outside what I think was a University.

I would love to live here. How cute!

We finally made it to the park, then we tried to head up the hill to find the observatory where you could stand across the Prime Meridian.

On the way up to the observatory, taryn fed the squirrels.

They were reluctant at first...

But eventually they gave in.

We made it to the top of a huge hill and found this sight awaiting us.

Queen's house.

Friends picture! It was so cold, I can't even explain!

We made it to the observatory we had been climbing severely uphill to get to, only to find that it cost 7 euro to get in. We really weren’t in the mood to pay to take a couple pictures, so we got sneaky.


View from up near the observatory.

This is me sneaking past the rules of paying and taking pictures outside of the gate. Standing in 2 hemispheres!!

After we took fun pictures of the prime meridian, we found a beautiful pile of leaves to play in.

Playing in the leaves.


Friends and leaves!

Happy to be in London!

Pretending to be Belle.

So happy.

So we headed back towards our hotel since it was, oh… say 4:00 and therefore getting dark.

View of the river from the train.

Walking back through the market at Covent Garden.

We attended tea time at back at the hotel in the lounge! We had some tea and some snacks as well as some sandwiches and appetizers. Yum!

Then we got all prettied up. It started raining, so we called down and asked for the hotel to call us a taxi, and they told us that when we got to the front they would flag one down for us. We got downstairs, and it took a few minutes to get a taxi, and then we didn’t factor in the traffic. We probably could have walked to the theater faster, but we did get to ride in a typical black London taxi, and it was so fun!

We went to the Garrick theater to see Chicago, and yes... that does say starring America Ferrera. I thought it was joking.

It wasn't. 🙂

She was absolutely amazing as Roxie. I was extremely impressed. I had never seen Chicago done on stage before, and while it wasn’t the over-the-top show I tend to enjoy, the fact that it was understated totally worked. Costumes in all black, a simple set, and so many amazing actors and actresses. This was an amazing experience!

Afterwords, we headed back to the hotel, giggly from our encounter with a celebrity. We walked back, and I wasn’t even mad that I was wearing heels. We were hooked on West End.

Walking back through the ever beautiful Covent Garden.

Also, our hotel was right around the corner from Shrek, on Drury Lane! Go figure.

Day three was wonderful. We stayed out kind of late, so late that the executive lounge was closed when we got back, but we still had so much in store for us.

Til next time!


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