London, Day 4

28 Dec

So I am currently trying to reboot my computer with some repair disk I found. In order to do so, I have to take all of the pictures off my computer and put them onto Adam’s to save them for later, because really my pictures are the only important thing I need to get off. While this sounds easy, it has started taking about a half hour to get a couple of folders of pictures onto the flash drive, so while I’m waiting, what better to do than tell you about London!!

Day four started off pretty casually, compared to the other strategically planned days we had laid out. We walked out of the hotel after breakfast and saw a double decker bus. The fare for any busses was included on our Oyster cards, so we hopped on the first one that came around, which conveniently took us to where we wanted to go!

Riding on the bus!

Dragon statue!

What does this mean?

Fleet Street!

If any of you know the show Sweeney Todd, you’ll realize why these two stores on Fleet Street worried us…

A barber shop and a Cafe... Really?


St. Pauls- our destination!

We got off at St. Paul’s Cathedral and tried to go inside, but it cost money to go look around, so instead, we started walking to our next destinations.

On the way, we found all of these tents near the Cathedral.

We never actually figured out what this was about, I think it was a protest of some kind.

After St. Paul’s, we made our way across the river.

The pretty (and so cold) river.

The Globe Theater! Our next destination!

Up close with the Globe.

Both Taryn and I had done theater in high school, and in addition we just really like Shakespeare, so we made sure that visiting the Globe was on our to-do list, even though it cost money. We had a wonderful tour guide who had hot pink hair, and she told us all about the history of the theater, which was actually just finished in 1997, and is really the third Globe theater- the first burned down (seriously, who keeps a cannon in the attic?), and the second ‘fell into a state of disrepair.’

The stage of the Globe.

Our tour guide!

I would love to see a show here.

Me at the theater!

We went into the gift shop, where if you donated a pound to the theater, they gave you and ‘I love Shakespeare’ bracelet. I got one, and then somehow lost it in the depths of my purse. I was kind of sad and after looking for a few minutes, figured it had fallen on the floor and gotten picked up. I wanted to donate and get another one, but when I opened my wallet, there it was, in with my money. Taryn and I laughed for a while about that.

After our tour ,we decided we needed coffee. We were losing energy fast, and plus it was absolutely freezing being so close to the river.

Coffee at a cute coffee shop!

After, we tried to find our way back across the bridge and to museum that was our last stop of the day, but we ended up just getting on a bus to warm up, and got off when we decided that we were driving away from anywhere we knew.

Tower bridge from afar- dark already!

Somehow, as if by magic, we found our way to the museum we were looking for!

Taryn and a pony statue near the museum.

We only stayed for a few minutes- enough to warm up and look around. But then we started walking back towards our hotel. We had decided that we wanted to see another show, but we didn’t want to pay much for tickets. I wanted to see Legally Blonde really bad, but Taryn didn’t really know the show. We decided to stop by the theater anyway to check on prices. Here’s how the conversation went:

Taryn: Do you have any tickets left for tonights show?
Ticket Seller: Yes, actually I have two in row A for 15 Pounds.
Taryn: I’m sorry, fifTEEN?
Ticket Seller: Yes, fifteen.
*Taryn and I glance at each other and telepathically decide to buy them if he really said fifteen…*
Taryn: Okay, here’s 20…
Ticket Seller: 5 is your change.
*Stares of disbelief.*

We went and saw a West End show for fifteen pounds. Not fifty. FifTEEN.

Savoy Theater. Yesss!

We were in row A. The second row from the stage. This is how close it was.

That was one of my favorite London experiences. The high of buying tickets on the cheap and seeing a brilliant show was incredible! This was a day full of fun theater experiences! Can’t wait to tell you about the rest of the trip, and as soon as I can get those pictures figured out I will!!


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