London, Days 5 and 6

18 Jan

Guys! My computer is alive!! Can you believe it?!

It has been hard to update, since all of my pictures were on my computer, which refused to turn on for a while. Luckily, my pictures were saved, and now I can tell you about the final couple of days of my London experience!

The morning of day 5, Taryn and I packed our bags up to check out. We were so thankful, because the hotel let us leave our bags there all day while we went out for a long day of sight-seeing.

Our view as we hopped off the tube!

Big Ben!! So glad we got to see it!

After a half hour or so of walking around without talking, one of us proposed coffee. (A complete necessity at this point.) We stopped in the cutest shop for bagels and coffee, and the owners were Spanish!

Of course, with coffee comes silliness. 🙂

We hung out around the river for a while- saw the London Eye, but didn't get to go on it. (So expensive!)


We sampled all sorts of chocolate, my favorite being a rich white chocolate. Yum.

Then, we spotted these adorable mini-cupcakes....

So we had to buy them!

As we continued down the river, we saw a woman getting some pictures taken of her in her wedding dress with Darth Vader. Please note, it was probably negative 10 degrees and she has nothing on her arms. Oy.

We stopped for a few photo ops, watched some street performers try to trick people out of their money, and then when we couldn't feel our toes anymore, we hid in the underground. We asked a man where we could find Doctor Who merchandise, and he directed us to Hamley's.

Night-time pictures of the clock tower- so gorgeous!

Peace Tardis. 🙂

Westminster! We quickly walked by, but our freezing toes and time restraints led us to hop on a bus back towards Harrods.

The bus we got on landed us right in Trafalgar Square. We saw this man playing the tuba, with fire!

The beautiful Trafalgar Square!

After people watching for a moment, we went into the National Gallery. I saw Van Gogh’s works, which I have loved ever since they were in the most brilliant episode of Doctor Who (don’t judge me). I bought a book about the sunflower paintings, and I am absolutely in love with it!

After that adventure, we made our way towards Hamley's. Along the way, we found M&M World!

We finally found Hamley’s, after asking around a whole lot, and I found the Doctor Who section. I was in love. I bought an encyclopedia of Doctor Who information, and I absolutely love it. (Also, I got another one from my family for Christmas! SO much Doctor Who information!!)

The whole city was so decorated! I loved it.

After our adventures at Hamley's, we made our way to Harrods, to see the beauty that was their Christmas decorations!

I can’t even explain how tired I was at this point. After running around Harrods and looking at 300 Pound dog collars, we headed back to the hotel to eat our sandwiches we had made that morning, and to grab our bags.

Our ride back to the airport was largely uneventful. I half slept on the train ride there, and then we camped out all night! Taryn slept a little in the airport, but I tried to read, mainly because I couldn’t get comfortable, but also because I was pretty certain that when I fell asleep all of my things would disappear. We waited outside the departure gate for many hours. When Taryn woke up, we went to the small cafe that was open all night, and got some food and drinks. We giggled a lot- likely due to lack of sleep. Eventually, the departures gate opened,  and I slept a little bit more once we were waiting on a departure gate. We made it home a little after midday, if I remember correctly. I came home not remembering that I knew a Spanish, and I passed out and slept for so many hours!

That was my last travel adventure before I left Spain.

And here I am, a month and a day after I got home. I’ve started classes, I’m living in a house with four wonderful girls, and I have more homework than I know what to do with. I must admit I am jealous of everyone who is still in Sevilla or is heading there for Spring semester. That said, I’m glad to be home.

Side note: I submitted some photos from my time abroad to ISA’s Photo Contest. I’ll let you know how that goes! They are making final decisions the first week of February!

I believe that is all for now!
Til next time 🙂


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