About Me

Hi there! My name is Jess.

I am a senior at Wright State University studying Spanish. At the end of the past academic year, I decided that I had to study abroad before I graduated college, which meant that I had to find a program, get the funding, and fill out the paperwork in a little less than a month.

I found a program called ISA-International Studies Abroad, which has been the absolute best- I would recommend them to anyone looking to study abroad, and then decided on a country. It was a tough pick between Chile and Spain, but because Chile’s visa process made it absolutely impossible for me to go on such short notice, I decided on Spain.

Then I had to choose a city. A few cities were thrown out because they didn’t offer the courses I need to graduate on time. Some advice I got about certain cities being party cities further limited my choices. In the end, I chose the beautiful city of Sevilla, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Sevilla is the best.

This blog is mostly for friends and family back home. I want to keep everyone updated, and this is a simple and fun way for me to do that. I love writing. I love blogging. I love picture taking. This pulls all of that love together. This blog is also for me. I want to be able to go back and read all the posts and remember all of the little details of my trip, and maybe someday… make a scrapbook out of it!

I absolutely adored my time in Spain, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I hope you have fun reading about my adventures! Feel free to comment or send me a message via e-mail… I love feedback!


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