Today I found a List

13 Feb

I am a list-maker. I have lists for everything. For packing, for cleaning, for homework. Weekly lists. Daily lists. Lists have always been a way of staying organized for me. So today, I found this list that I wrote out at London’s Gatwick airport, a week or so before I left to come home to the states.

Things I will miss about Spain, Sevilla, and Europe.

  • The ringtone that EVERYONE has that sounds like the scary one from the show, Medium. Terrifying.
  • The slow pace of life.
  • Ponies ponies everywhere!
  • The beautiful architecture.
  • The weird way Europeans write their capital A’s.
  • The history of every building, street, and city.
  • The museums.
  • The languages.
  • The absolute independence you feel while walking the streets of a European city.
  • The trains and the metro, public transport in general is brilliant.
  • 100 Montaditos (coming soon to a few select US cities!).
  • Cute Spanish children.
  • Bikes (SEVICI).
  • Barrio Santa Cruz, the most beautiful place to take an afternoon stroll.
  • The white buildings of Santa Cruz.
  • Europeans’ style. Men unafraid of the color pink. Women who take fashion risks. I could write a book about it. Seriously.
  • Walking everywhere.
  • The beautiful landscapes.
  • Excursions to amazing cities and countries.
  • The familiarity I felt (finally) by the end of the program with where I was; Sevilla, Spain.
  • The endless photo ops.

A short list for sure, but fun to remember being awake at 4am writing a list of things I would be sad to leave in a week.

A quick update on my life, naturally in list form:

  • I have a hedgehog. His name is Splinter and I love him.
  • School is way harder than I remembered.
  • I live with four of the most amazing women I know.
  • I have printed a ton of pictures that I took and hope to maybe someday turn them into a scrapbook.
  • I will be attending more weddings than I can imagine in the next few months (yays!!).
  • We have a fish at our house. His name is Googly Moogly. (Or however you would spell that…)

I believe that is all for now. Hard to say how much more I’ll update the blog, but I will say that I have loved the challenges and inspiration it has presented me. Maybe I’ll start a blog for just… Life. 🙂

Thanks for reading,


London, Days 5 and 6

18 Jan

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London, Day 4

28 Dec

So I am currently trying to reboot my computer with some repair disk I found. In order to do so, I have to take all of the pictures off my computer and put them onto Adam’s to save them for later, because really my pictures are the only important thing I need to get off. While this sounds easy, it has started taking about a half hour to get a couple of folders of pictures onto the flash drive, so while I’m waiting, what better to do than tell you about London!!
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London, Day 3

18 Dec

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London, Day 2

14 Dec

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London, Day 1

13 Dec

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Back from London!

11 Dec

Hello everyone!!

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